Thursday, January 24, 2013

Striving for perfection

I feel I should explain why I have been silent for so long but I am afraid that my reasons are just like everyone else; I have been busy.  While this is true I also have to admit I haven't been moved to write anything that I felt was blog worthy.  I think carefully about what I choose to share and frequently find it so easy to sit and write a post, often inspired by something that just seems to pop into my head or affected by something I have seen or heard.  If you follow my blog you know I spend a lot of time writing about weight loss and related issues but none of this has seemed relevant until yesterday when I saw a post on Facebook.  It was a picture posted by Motivate Hope Strength and it caught my attention and resulted in me sharing it on my page.  Here is the post:

It's good right!  It is also ridiculous! No one in their right mind would smash their phone to bits simply because they dropped it.   This is a long stretch but don't miss the point it makes about making the wrong food choices;  you don't need to be perfect!  So you were eating well and then something happened, a chocolate iced, cream filled, Krispy Kreme donut perhaps, and you ate it!  The good choices became harder and then forgotten and you totally screw up your plan for the day.  So what?  Get over it!  We are all human and we make mistakes.  Sometimes we even make the choice knowing we are screwing up but you know what - life does not end and success is not out of reach.  Striving for perfection is not the goal.  Are you surprised I would say that?  The only thing I hope for on a daily basis is to do my best.  I mess up!  I make the choice to eat things for all the wrong reasons and sometimes I make the choice to eat something I know I could do without simply because I want it but I don't quit trying!  I have learned to forgive myself, to strive to be honest about the choices I make, and the reasons I make them and that undoing years of unhealthy habits does not happen quickly, easily or painlessly.  

I am not perfect.  I no longer strive for perfection.  I am good enough!


  1. I came across your blog quite by accident (or was it fate?!) and I liked what I read so I continued to read...and this post was me today! First of all, let me congratulate you on your weight loss of 196.4 lbs.! What determination and discipline you have! I have been trying to lose weight; following a healthier diet and walking on a daily basis. I've been feeling great about myself and I have more energy! ...And yet, today I fell off the wagon. We had our annual family Christmas gathering and I was unable to sit down and eat as I get a bit anxious during these gatherings as I am busy in the kitchen, trying to visit and converse with family members, etc. Later after everyone left, I realized I was hungry and yet nothing looked good to me. I kept busy with cleaning up and waited too long. Before I knew it had eaten 3 chocolate chip cookies and then of all things I dug into an apple pie and ate two pieces. I actually felt sick at my stomach as I have not been eating a lot of sugar and sweets. Then I felt ashamed of myself and the big "You're a failure" flashing neon light came on and I was doomed. After reading your post, I felt better because, yes, I am human, and yes, I will fail. But I don't need to beat myself up over it. You reminded me that tomorrow is another day, a clean slate to start over again. Thank you for your post, and yes, I do realize it is from 2013. Moving by day...