Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The answer isn't in there

I am an elementary school nurse.  Today I got home from work two hours later than I normally do because my "kids" are coming to me in groups of two, three and even four all with similar complaints; fever, headache, and sore throat.  I believe I can say with certainty we are in the midst of the "funk."  The time it takes to document their visits is what caused me to be at school later than usual today.  I am tired!!  I walked in the door at home, played with my dog and then opened the kitchen cabinet and started looking for what I could find to eat.  Am I hungry?

When you see as many children as I did today you grab lunch when you can get it and that usually follows the first chance you have had to go to the bathroom. I chose going to the bathroom first today only because if I  waited another second my super bladder would have burst!  I ate lunch at 2:40 PM.  My breakfast this morning was at 6:30 AM.  I know that is too long to go without food or a snack but that is what happened.  

I stood looking in the kitchen cabinets, moved on to the refrigerator and then back to the cabinets when somewhere a small voice inside my head asks, "Are you hungry?"  I stopped looking.  I am not hungry; after
all I didn't eat lunch until 2:40 and it is only  a few minutes past 5.  So what am I doing in the kitchen, looking for something to eat?  I am tired.  It has been an exhausting day.  I am spent but I am not hungry.  I am looking for something to make it all better.  FOOD preferably something chocolate would cure all that is wrong with me or would it....

I stopped myself from eating something I didn't need because I wasn't hungry.  Today was the first time in a REALLY long time I was able to recognize what was happening before I ate only to feel guilty later.  So what did I do to "make it all better?"  I sat down at the keyboard and wrote this post.  :)

Oh, and the next time this happens (probably tomorrow) I hope I can remember the answer isn't in there and get out of the kitchen fast!!

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