Monday, January 17, 2011

I Did A Guest Blog!

I love reading other people's blogs especially when they are about Weight Watchers or weight loss.  A while ago I stumbled upon a great blog called "1972: The retro WW Experiment".  Mimi, the blogger had an original Jean Nidetch (WW founder) cookbook and was inviting her readers to request a recipe, cook it and then blog about it.  You know I couldn't resist.  I emailed her and got my recipe.  Check out her blog to read my post and view what I cooked up.  Oh and be sure to leave your comments!  I am the Incredible Edible post #4!

Check out the Skinny Jeans Project here.


  1. I think you gave Dad too much flak. He remembered a dish you used to make in the 70s! That should be worth something. =)

  2. Hi Lynn, Loved your post on Mimi's site. I'm guest post #6 myself. All the best.