Friday, August 23, 2013

A place where love lives.

For forty eight years my in laws, Jean and Clair, lived in this lovely home in Canton, Ohio.  The Tudor style of the home is classic, the natural woodwork beautiful and the kitchen so comfortable.  My husband lived in this home for most of those years.  For forty six years this has been a home full of love.  I have been so blessed to be part of this family.  As a fifteen year old girl Jay brought me to this home to meet his parents and I was welcomed with easy conversation, french silk chocolate pie and lemonade in the kitchen and later for Sunday dinners always shared at the dining room table.  Sticky buns from the Woman's Club were served at many of those Sunday dinners. Summer brought homemade ice cream churned in the old fashioned ice cream maker at the side door and was devoured as soon as it was done.  Chocolate chip cookies, blueberry cream pie, Santa Claus cookies, and  brownies made from scratch were traditions which continue today, recipes passed down to children and grandchildren. Holidays, birthdays,weddings, anniversary's, woman's club, and even good byes have been celebrated in this home.  Many hours of my teenage years were spent sitting at the kitchen table just talking to Jean about the problems I was having.  She always listened but never shared her opinion about what I was telling her and yet that was enough.  Conversation was easy, acceptance and love was given unconditionally.  In the foyer of this home hung a framed letter that Clair had written to his parents shortly after meeting Jean.  A letter tucked away and cherished because he knew even then how special she was.  He presented the letter to her one anniversary not so long ago.  Love filled this home! Jean and Clair  have welcomed three grandchildren and now 3 great grandchildren into this home.  Their grandchildren and great grandchildren have played with special toys which were  brought out and then tucked away until they came to visit again; toys which  have now been passed down for me to tuck away and bring out when grandchildren come to play.  Love filled this home!

Today a SOLD sign stands in the front yard. Jean and Clair have moved into a new apartment in a retirement community and they are home.  Love fills their new home!  Jay and his sister, Barb, have just finished the final clean up before the house closes. The furnishings are gone and the rooms are empty. The marks on the door in the kitchen which record the growth history of the grandchildren will soon be removed by the new owners.  Walls will be painted, carpet replaced, and the kitchen and bathrooms will most likely be updated by the new owners.  The doors are closed and locked but the house is far from empty because this home was full of love and it is my most sincere prayer that the new owners can feel themselves surrounded by the love that was taught and shared here.

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  1. I feel like I have had these experiences! Beautifully written for a beautiful home.