Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Most Memorable Day!

Last Saturday, May 5th, 2012, began as most of my Saturday's do lately; the ungodly shrill of my alarm clock woke me up at 5:45 AM! I made my way towards the shower so I could get ready for my two Weight Watcher's meetings.  The first group I lead begins at 7:30 AM but I like to get there early so I get going.  I stop at McDonald's on my way and get a large coffee and a yogurt parfait.  I arrive at the center a bit earlier than I am required to which gives me time to get my meeting set up the way I want it, scan inventory to see how supplies are and check out any new products that have come in since Tuesday when I was last there.  I gulp down the yogurt, have a team meeting and unlock the door on time.  I am in my groove and I am happy.  The first meeting goes well and I move on to the second which goes equally as well.  It feels as if time flies.  I am finished.  Normally I would pack my stuff up and head home stopping by the consignment shop to see if I can snag any bargains but today I am in a hurry.  I am heading to Greenville for my Weight Watcher territory's Celebration event.

My husband drives me to Greenville and we discuss plans for the rest of the day.  I arrive on time, find the other Rock Hill staff members and we find a seat at a table and prepare for a nice chat and lunch.  Lunch was wonderful!  We had a beautiful grilled chicken breast salad complete with candied pecans and strawberries.  The salad dressing was a garlic yogurt dill and it was very good.  Chocolate mousse in a parfait glass was dessert.  I tasted the mousse but left it alone but did eat every bite of the dark chocolate garnish it was topped with.  After lunch the awards and celebrations began.  We had fun celebrating the total weight loss of the staff sitting at each of the tables.  My table came in second with over 600 pounds lost!  We added up years of service for each table and I was so surprised with the large numbers and we said a fond goodbye to our current territory manager, Diane, and a warm hello to her replacement, out new territory manager, Tisha.  I was sad to see Diane move on since she was the one who was willing to fight to get me hired.  She had faith in me.  She saw the flame and enthusiasm I wanted to desperately to share.  She understood!  I don't know Tisha and she doesn't know me but Diane was moving on to new challenges and a larger territory so I was happy for her.  I will get to know Tisha.  It will be fine especially knowing Diane hired Tisha!

Awards were next and I listened and watched as all of the awards were given.  It was a great event!  Everyone was having a good time.  My attention was peaked after Diane presented the outstanding Rookie Receptionist of the Year award.  I sat and listened as she began describing the qualities of the leader who would receive the next award, The Rookie Leader of the Year.  I remember thinking Wow as she described this leader and then the most unbelievable thing happened;  She said "This year's Rookie Leader of the Year is Lynn Thompson!" Did she just say my name?  I walked to the front of the room fighting tears, so honored, so humbled, so proud!  I remember saying something.  I know I said thank you. I am so grateful!  I am Lynn Thompson and I am the Rookie Leader of the Year for Territory 7115!


  1. i am so proud of you that is so awesome. I love your meetings and always learn something. Helps me in more ways than you know.. we are all on this journey and we all need each other......thanks Lynn for showing me that it is reachable and i am worth it........

  2. Congrats!!! No one deserves it more. I love your enthusiasm for being a WW employee. I got my 10 year service award this year at Celebrations. After a decade of employment, I still try to have the same enthusiasm I had as a rookie. I am so proud to do what we do. XOXO