Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Invisibility update!

This afternoon I returned to the exercise class where only last week I had worked so hard that I had become invisible.  I was running a few minutes late getting there and getting set up because I had a hair appointment right after school.  I hurried upstairs to the bathroom next to the aerobics room and pottied while undressing (I am a great multi-tasker).  I hurried into my workout clothes, threw everything I had just taken off into my bag, slipped on the same gray tennis shoes with bright pink shoe laces and stepped into the aerobics room.   I grabbed a step and weights, set up and began following the instructor's directions.  As I settled into the routine I looked around and there she was; the one who thought people with flabby arms are gross.  I grinned.  I was set up immediately behind her.  Every single time she looked forward into the mirror, which she did a lot, she saw me!  This brought me an odd feeling of satisfaction.  We did shoulder presses, frontal and lateral lifts, biceps curls, and rows.  We held our arms at ninety degree angles and punched side to side while holding weights; my baggy arms worked hard but the skin hung limp, flapping as my arms moved.  She kept looking in the mirror.  I kept smiling.

The class continued and just as she did last week she did not pick up weights and the instructions given were followed only when it was something she liked to do.  The instructor must have finally had enough because she said, "Alison (Whoo hoo!  I have her name) what exactly are you doing here if you aren't going to do what the rest of us are doing?"  In my head I am jumping for joy, my smile is broader.  Alison said something about weights and a stiff back.  I seized the moment and said, "I don't mean to be rude but those of us with flabby arms are using heavy weights, following instructions and working hard!"  I believe I heard the instructor laugh!  It felt glorious to be VISIBLE!!


  1. I was so angry at this girl when I read your previous post about what she did and said, but I LOVED this post with your "take charge" moment! I could absolutely picture you saying this in my head. You go girl!!!

  2. Lynn, Great for saying something. I am sure other women were happy you said something also. It is hard enough to lose weight and keep up the confidence while doing it that we don't need rude women around us making comments that we sometimes find ourselves thinking of ourselves.