Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Watch out for Witches and Flying Monkeys!!

Last night was the night I lead my Weight Watcher's meeting.  The topic was supposed to be all about getting restarted, starting over, hit the restart button...  I thought those were great lead ins but I wanted to make the meeting more interactive, different, perhaps even exciting and so in my meeting last night I presented, "Weight Watcher's visits The Wizard of Oz.  Finding YOUR way to the Emerald City".  I had fun and I hope the members who attended last night did too.  I began with the house landing on the witch and asked the members to think about what brought them in the door that first night; what was their house moment.  They shared, everyone understood and I believe the members felt they had others who heard them and understood.  We found a plan (follow the yellow brick road) Weight Watchers Points Plus program.  We met Glenda the good witch (the leader- me) asked Glenda and the Munchins (other members) for further help and direction and moved on down the yellow brick road sticking to our plan.  We met up with the usual characters (Lion, Tin Man and Scare Crow) and realized each of us also needed to identify what we were looking for and that some of us had all that we needed but had gotten lost in the haunted forest.  We even battled off the Wicked Witch and her Flying Monkeys (temptation, loss of goals, losing track of basics) and yet we kept on going.  When we reached our own personal Emerald City we celebrated and realized while each of us may take a different road to get there each and everyone of us wants some of the same things.  We have everything we need in our WW plan and meeting and if we get lost we simply need to find the yellow brick road again and ask for directions.  We move forward with the knowledge we have friends and Good Witches who understand.

The Weight Watchers Points Plus Program we have all been following this year is awesome and it works!!  In case you have any question about how things have changed here is a blog entry from fellow blogger, Mimi, whose blog is called:  1972:  The Retro WW Experiment   After I read her blog I am pretty sure I would not have been successful presenting last night's meeting the way I did.  Read her post and let her (and me) know what you think.  Oh, and let me know which program you would rather be doing now; 1972 or Points Plus!!

1972: The Retro WW Experiment

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