Sunday, April 24, 2011

Missing in action?

Happy Easter!  It has been a while since I have posted so let me explain where I have been.  In my last entry I shared that I had been hired to be a Weight Watchers leader but this is not something you just start doing; there is training and more training!  Weight Watchers leaders and receptionists are a team and so all leaders learn how to be receptionists before they learn the ins and outs of being a WW leader.  This is what has taken up my free time.  I have now had 3 receptionists training sessions and done a 2 1/2 hour online training session.  Tomorrow night I will again step into the unfamiliar roll of receptionist at a meeting in York, SC.  I say unfamiliar because I never could have imagined all of the work the receptionists do for a meeting.  I stand in awe of the ease with which they accomplish all of their tasks.  I am much more familiar with what the leader must do having sat on this side of the room as a member for fifteen years with numerous leaders.  I am eager to begin my leader training but also understand the need to know the receptionist position.  My training continues....

I went to my regular meeting on Saturday morning and smiled when I saw the leader who had been there for me as I lost the final pounds and reached my goal.  She cried with me when I told about completing my first half marathon and compared it to my WW experience.  She cried again with me the day I shared my letter to the weight I had lost with my WW meeting, and she cried again the day I reached goal.  She was not the leader of the meeting the day I made Lifetime but she had kept up with me and sure enough she was there with her camera the morning I became a Lifetime member.  This is the kind of leader I hope to be.  I want to know my members by name, without a name tag.  I want to help them get started on their journey, encourage them when they stumble, pick them up again and again if I need to and help them find their way and most importantly cheer for them each and every time they have a victory.  Thank you Mary Bell!

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way."  John C. Maxwell

I am on my way and I am ready!


  1. Lynn,
    It's hard to believe the two pictures are of the same person! You must be proud of what you have accomplished, and rightly so! Keep up the good work in sharing your success with others and showing that there is hope when weight loss is done the right way. Congratulations and good luck on your new adventure in becoming a WW leader!

    Paula Nuxol

  2. You will be that leadeer, but even more important is that you are that kind of person now. As I sit in meetings and listen to you talk and read your post it gives me hope that I can some day make reach my goal. They seem so far away. Because of you, I do have hope, even if some times I find it hard to find.