Thursday, September 23, 2010

God's grace continues

My family has continued to be wrapped in the love and prayers of our family and friends as my dad continues to linger.  God's grace continues to be evident on a daily basisOn Monday, September 20th, We were blessed with a visit from an angel that could be seen in his window.  He has talked of beautiful trees and a large table with many chairs and even beautiful balls on the ceiling.  He rests peacfully and pain free and we wait.  

Tuesday, September 21st, Jay and I visited Dad bringing along a CD of Hymns sung by Andy Griffith, a CD he requested.  The CD was called "Bound for the Promised Land" and as it played classic old hymns including "Church in the Wildwood", and "Shall we Gather at the River", he would smile and occasionally sing along. As we got ready to leave he asked for one more song.  The CD played "Beautiful Savior" and "Fairest Lord Jesus" and he sang every word.  Jay and I left blessed by Dad's gift and more evidence of God's never ending grace.

On Saturday, September 25th he was able to sit in a chair at his bedside and meet and hold his first great grandchild, Jenna.  He quickly renamed her "Jenna James."  She cooed and smiled as he sang her Three Blind Mice and played with her toes.  God's grace.   

This week has been a challenge as we can see him slipping away, but the gifts continue.  Wednesday and today he has had a harpist play hymns in his room and Mom says he will occasionally sing a word or two.  (The harpist is a volunteer on the Hospice Unit at Baptist Hospital.)  He remains comfortable and pain free but his appetite is gone.  Several times yesterday he would stare at the corner of his room and say, "I asked you to leave" followed a short time later by "one more day."   Last night as I got ready to leave the hospital I asked Dad if he would be here in the morning and he said, "yes" but when I asked him if he would still be here when I got to the hospital this afternoon he said, "we'll see."

Today is that "one more day."  We have told him it is OK to go.  In a few minutes I will be on my way to the hospital where we will tell him it is time to go.

Thank you God for the grace and love you have shown my family.  May we continue to practice all that your faithful servant, my father, has taught us both as he lived and as he dies.

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  1. wow- this totally takes me back to the time of my grandfathers passing. Very moving... thanks for sharing lynn.