Friday, August 27, 2010

You Have Such A Pretty Face!

I was en-route to teach my water aerobics class this evening when "You have such a pretty face" popped into my head. It echoed in the car as if far away but the feelings those words evoked were so close I could touch them.  It took my breath away.  "You have such a pretty face." I paused remembering how painful those six words were.  You see I had heard these words in the past as a chubby child, an overweight teenager and even as a morbidly obese adult. Each time someone told me, "you have such a pretty face" part of who I was was lost.  I retreated, wounded, beaten up, full of doubt and hurt.  Did I have a pretty face?   Were they surprised by the mass of me?  Did they feel the need to find something nice to say?   Did they think they were being kind?  You see what I ALWAYS heard when someone told me, "You have such a pretty face" was "Why is the rest of you so gross?"

"You have such a pretty face"  Thank you!  :)


  1. Hi Lynn,
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  2. Wow- very powerful. I too, have had that comment my whole life. It means something significantly different these days than it once did. I remember it feeling like a cut versus a compliment as well. Thanks for sharing lynn...