Sunday, September 18, 2011

Little Miss Perfect

There she is staring back at me, "Little Miss Perfect."  I am never good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough and she just keeps staring.  I wish I could make her go away.  I have tried telling her over and over and over again that perfect isn't everything that good enough is fine but she isn't satisfied.  Perfection is the only thing she is happy with.  I work really hard to do a good job and there is always a "but"; dinner was great but,  thanks for coming but, the gift is perfect but.  It never ends.  I am so tired of trying to be perfect.  Does she know how exhausting it is to try to meet her standards?  How defeated she makes me feel? I am less than perfect.  I am me.  I am done trying to meet her standards.  I know as soon as I reach them they will change and I will fall short yet again.  How disappointing I must be to her, or is it that she is the one she is disappointed in?  I wonder.  I remember a great story taught to me in church; the story of creation.  When God surveyed all that he had created he said it was "good."  He did not say perfect.

I am enough and I am not perfect.

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